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WaterWolf Planning District Official Community Plan
Zoning Bylaws


The WaterWolf Planning District is holding a public open house to outline key provisions proposed for a new District Official Community Plan, new community specific Official Community Plans as well as Zoning Bylaws. Communities affected by these new bylaws include:

District Official Community Plan
RM of Eyebrow No. 193 RM of Loreburn No. 254
RM of Canaan No. 225 RM of Fertile Valley No. 285
RM of Huron No. 223 RM of King George No. 256
RM of McCraney No. 282 Town of Central Butte
Town of Dundurn Town of Hanley
Village of Broderick Village of Elbow
Village of Conquest Village of Eyebrow
Village of Glenside Village of Kenaston
Village of Beechy Village of Loreburn
Village of Bladworth Village of Lucky Lake
Village of Dinsmore Resort Village of Mistusinne
Village of Hawarden Village of Strongfield
Village of Tugaske
Zoning Bylaws
The Resort Village of Coteau Beach Official Community Plan
The Resort Village of Mistusinne Resort Village of Coteau Beach
The Town of Hanley Village of Elbow
The Village of Elbow Resort Village of Mistusinne
The Village of Hawarden
The Village of Loreburn

When finalized, these bylaws will provide direction to guide land use and development decisions within the WaterWolf Planning District.

Members of the consulting team will be in attendance to discuss and explain what is being proposed and to answer any questions you may have. We look forward to speaking with anyone interested in reviewing and providing comment on the preliminary policies and recommendations at the open house:

September ­­23rd, 2021

 Activity Centre
501 Main Street
Village of Loreburn

Come and go anytime between
5:00 and 9:00 p.m.

Brandy Losie
Secretary, WaterWolf Planning District
Phone: 306-854-2277


Ratepayers Meeting – Wednesday, April 7th at 7 pm

held at the Loreburn Town & Country Centre.

Loreburn History Books have arrived.

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