Activity Centre

Loreburn Town & Country Activity Centre

Rental Rates

Centre (including kitchen)

  • Local renters                                             $125/day
  • Businesses or Out of Town renters       $150/day
  • Wedding/Baby Showers                         $30/choice of morning, afternoon or evening
  • Rental for Fundraiser                             $10/hour
  • All other                                                    $50/choice of morning, afternoon or evening

Advance bookings must be paid for by either cash, cheque or e-mail transfer to:

Depending on your booking, half of the amount is due up front, with the balance payable upon arrival.

ie: you book for 2 days at $150/day = $300 – $150 due upon booking and $150 due upon arrival.

The up-front payment of up to $100 is non-refundable.  Any payment over that amount will be refunded upon cancellation.

If the up-front payment is not paid by 1 month before your booking date, the site will be cancelled.

Chairs and tables must be put back and the centre should be left tidy.

Any damage to the building or contents will be the responsibility of the renter.

Please contact the Village Administrator at:  Phone: 306-644-2097  Fax: 306-644-4847


All bookings are taken through the Village Office must be paid in advance in cash.(Cheques only from local renters)

Contact:    Stacey Gifford at the Loreburn Village Office
Phone:      306-644-2097              Fax:  306-644-4847

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