School & Educational Groups

Loreburn Jack & Jill Playgroup

Loreburn Jack and Jill Playschool
Teacher –
President Kandis Miller
Vice President Stacey Gifford
Playschool will be held in Loreburn Central School.


Loreburn Central School
Loreburn has a Kindergarten to Grade 12 School located along Main Street.
The Principal is Arlene Low and
Secretary is Arlene Norrish.
They can be contacted by phone at 306-644-2135 or fax at 306-644-2176.
The secretary’s email is
You can also visit  the SunWest School Division website at

Daily Announcements and more school information can be found at this link:

Travel Club


The Travel Club is for students of Loreburn Central School in Grades 11 & 12 to have the opportunity to travel abroad.  This is done through fundraising for 2 years before the trip which usually takes place over Easter Break.  If you have any odd jobs (lawn mowing, raking, painting, etc…) that you need done, please contact Tim by email

School Community Council

Loreburn School Community Council Members:

Chair is Barb Glubis
Secretary – Janell Hundeby
Treasurer – Katherine Graham
Members at large are: Michelle Burchmore, Julie Griffin, Karen Griffin, Tara Bokitch, Vanessa Tastad, Stacey Dorward

SCC’s play an important role in school improvement and enhancing student learning:

Student benefits:

  • Improved marks and graduation rates
  • Increased involvement in classroom activities and a more positive attitude towards homework.
  • Higher attendance rates and greater enrollment in post-secondary education.

Parent benefits:

  • Enhanced communication between parents, administrators and teachers.
  • More opportunities for learning activities in the home.
  • Better understanding of how schools operate.

Community benefits:

  • Increased cost-effectiveness due to the pooling of time, money and effort.
  • Strengthened community pride through involvement in the school’s achievements