Location: R.M. of Loreburn #254 SW 23 – 26 – 5 W3
GPS: 51.233794°N  106.608804°W
First burial in 1907

Compiled and photographed by Brandy Losie – 2016

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Arrance, Sara  1888 – 7/14/1912  daughter of Charles & Harriet Barton

Abrams, Herbert Lorne  1884 – Mar.23.1923  husband of Lena, son of Roland and Amy

Abrams, Lena Violet (nee Miller)  1887 – Feb.24.1947  wife of Herbert, daughter of Adam & Sophia Kreuger

Aitken, Dr.          – Sep.5.1919

Anderson, Ellen “Nellie” (nee Ashworth)  1908 – 2004  wife of David A. Anderson  daughter of Robert & Mary Ann Lucas

Ashworth, Aileen Louise (nee Price)  June.1911 – Jan.1998  wife of William

Ashworth, Annie Isabel 1906 – Mar.26.1998  daughter of Robert & Mary Ann Lucas

Ashworth, Emma (nee Whitehorn)  1845 – May.20.1926  *Grandmother Ashworth., daughter of William Whitehorn

Ashworth, MaryAnn Isabel (nee Lucas)  1876 – June.21.1965  wife of Robert, mother of Cpl. James Robert Ashworth

Ashworth, Robert “Bob”  1882 – Apr.2.1964  husband of MaryAnne Lucas

Ashworth, William John L.  July.1905 – April.1988  husband of Aileen Price, son of Robert & Mary Ann Lucas

Baker, Clara Marie (nee Christensen)  May.5.1898 – July.15.1980  wife of William

Baker, William Alfred  July.30.1902 – Nov.12.1989  husband of Clara Marie Christensen

Baldwin, Constance May (nee Roper)  1864 – May.23.1951  wife of Robert George

Baldwin, Harry M  May.1.1888 – Dec.23.1966  husband of Sarah Bristol, son of Constance Roper & Robert George

Baldwin, Robert George  Sep.20.1859 – May.2.1925  husband of Constance Roper, son of James & Mrs. Baldwin (nee Reid)

Baldwin, Sarah Grace (nee Bristol)  1896 – Apr.19.1981  wife of Harry M.

Baldwin, Walter Cecil  Sept.30.1905 – Apr.12.1973  unmarried, son of Constance Roper & Robert George

Ball, Marion Gertrude  Nov.29.1910 – June.25.1912  daughter of J.H & Margaret

Bartley, Annie  1888 – Feb.16.1970  wife of Noble

Bartley, Noble Archibald  1892 – Dec.29.1978  husband of Annie, son of James Henry & Sarah

Bartley, Robert John  1899 – May.24.1982  son of James Henry & Sarah

Beaulieu, Alphonse Joseph  1934 – Aug.19.1997  son of William John & Helena Carnabey

Book, girl  1955 – May.1955  daughter of G. Edgar & Margaret G. Beaton

Book, Albert Edgar  Sep.9.1873 – Dec.4.1965  husband of Katherine Isaacson

Book, George Edgar  1908 – Oct.11.1989  husband of Margaret G Beaton, son of Albert Edgar & Katherine Isaacson

Book, George Robert “Young Bob”  Apr.18.1909 – Oct.19.1965  husband of Marta Christina Vanhereweghe, son of Robert & Sarah Miller

Book, Jesse Howard “Pat”  Mar.16.1919 – Aug.24.2007  husband of Margaret Olive, son of Robert & Sarah Miller/brother of Art Book

Book, Kathrine “Katy” (nee Isaacson)  Mar.8.1882 – Sep.8.1972  wife of Albert Edgar

Book, Margaret Georgina (nee Beaton)  1916 – June.12.1994  wife of George Edgar, daughter of James & Anne

Book, Margaret Olive “Moe” (nee Coutts)  Oct.10.1917 – Apr.22.2012  wife of Jesse Howard, daugher of James Farmer & Etta Southam

Book, Marta Christina (nee Van Hereweghe)  July.5.1908 – May.2.2008  wife of George Robert & Fred Fiske

Book, Melissa (nee Kennedy)  Dec.9.1841 – Oct.12.1916  wife of George

Book, Norman Albert  Feb.15.1916 – Sept.19.1971  husband of Mabel VanHereweghe, son of Albert Edgar & Katherine Isaacson

Book, Patrick Coutts  May31.1949 – May.31.1949  son of Jesse Howard & Margaret Olive Coutts

Book, Robert A “Rob”  1875 – Feb.1.1946  husband of Sarah Miller

Book, Sarah Ellen (nee Miller)  Mar.3.1892 – Aug.9.1973  wife of Robert, daughter of John Henry & Edith Olive

Book, William  Nov.26.1910 – Dec.26.1912  *marker only.  Buried at farm., son of Robert & Sarah Miller

Borger, David  1896 – Mar.21.1985  husband of Mary Schiebel, cousin of Mary Peil (nee Martin)

Borger, Mary (nee Schiebel)  1904 – July.9.1936  wife of David

Bradley, Clara Edith (nee Smith)  1881 – Jan.6.1966  wife of Frederick

Bradley, Dorothy Catherine  Jan.12.1924 – Oct.13.1930  daughter of Frederick & Clara (nee Smith)

Bradley, Frederick  1885 – Apr.26.1959  husband of Clara

Bristow, Kenneth Dale  1945 – Apr.24.1986  husband of Lee Lockwood, son of Roy & Janet McPherson

Brown, Alexander Coutts  Nov.29.1921 – Dec.10.1921  son of William Chapman & Jennie (nee Coutts)

Brown, Annie Creath (nee Walker)  1896 – Jan.19.1989  wife of Frederick, mother of Tom, Norman, George, Gordon

Brown, Brenda Anne  Apr.1955 – Aug.5.1972  daughter of Norman & Dorothy May Vestre

Brown, Frederick J  1892 – Dec.10.1969  husband of Annie, son of Henry & Rose

Brown, George Melville “Geordie”  1889 – Aug.18.1948  husband of Rebecca (Becky)  Jean (nee Rendall), father of Gordon, Wilma, Jean, Allan

Brown, Gordon Earnest  Dec.25.1932 – Dec.30.1977  husband of Patricia Forrest, son of Frederick and Annie Walker

Brown, Henry D  1856 – May.18.1919  husband of Rose, son of Alfred

Brown, Gorden    – Oct.19.1924

Brown, Jenny Jane (nee Coutts)  May.22.1883 – Oct.30.1939  wife of William Chapman, sister of James Farmer Coutts

Brown, Joseph  Mar.26.1874 – Jan.12.1946  nephew of Henry & Rose

Brown, Norman Clifford  Oct.3.1921 – Dec.3.1996  husband of Dorothy May Vestre, son of Fred & Annie Walker

Brown, Rose M  1866 – Oct..5.1959  wife of Henry D.

Brown, William Chapman “Billy”  Aug.1.1884 – June.8.1951  husband of Jenny Jane Coutts, father of James & Marion

Brown, William James  Sep.4.1916 – June.14.1995  son of William Chapman & Jane Coutts

Bryenton, Allan Lloyd  Aug.18.1923 – Mar.8.2012  husband of Bessie McEachern, son of Leslie & Olive, father of Janet Hundeby, Keith

Bryenton, Bessie Janet (nee McEachern)  1917 – Nov.25.2002  wife of Allan

Bryenton, Johanna McBeth (nee McLean)  Jan.31.1892 – July.15.1922  wife of Ernest M., daugher of John Alex & Elizabeth Fraser

Bryenton, Leslie Victor  1885 – July.31.1953  husband of Olive Kerney, son of Martha, brother of Ernest, Lloyd & Huber

Bryenton, Mabel McBeth  1915 – 1937  daughter of Ernest & Johanna McLean

Bryenton, Olive (nee Kerney)  1887 – Jan.22.1983  wife of Leslie Victor, daughter of William & Eliza

Butler, Robert Allan “Bobby”  1941 – Jan.10.1944  son of Robert

Butler, Carol  Apr.10.1940 – Apr.10.1940  daughter of Robert (Robert’s parents Jack & Clara Cooley)


Cant, Frederick Edward  Apr.9.1911 – Apr.13.1911  son of Frank Gant & Mrs. (nee Socolofsky) daughter of Fred

Child, Edward Thomas  Nov.18.1873 – Nov.6.1922  husband of Florence Hollingdale, father of Kathleen (Joel) & Bert (F.A.E.)

Child, Florence Ruth (nee Hollingdale)  Apr.18.1874 – Jan.3.1964  wife of Edward, mother of Kathleen (Joel) & Bert (F.A.E.)

Chrestensen, Elsie May (nee Haas)  1909 – May.11.1987  wife of Marvin (Mac)

Chrestensen, Maren (nee Sorenson)  1890 – Feb.16.1943  wife of Niels, mother of Aksel, grandmother of Marcelle Savidan

Chrestensen, Marvin “Mac” Anders  1919 – Jan.18.2000  2nd husband of Elsie Haas, son of Niels Christian & Maren, brother of Aksel

Chrestensen, Niels Christian  1874 – Aug.18.1936  husband of Maren, father of Aksel, grandfather to Marcelle Savidan

Coutts, Caroline Elizabeth “Carie” (nee Best)  1884 – Nov.1.1965  wife of James McIntosh, daughter of John & Rachel (nee Wiltse)

Coutts, Chris Allan  Oct.24.1963 – Feb.19.2014  unmarried, son of William & Gunvor (nee Anderson)

Coutts, Donna Anne  Aug.23.1951 – Aug.23.1966  daughter of William & Gunvor (nee Anderson)

Coutts, Etta Emily (nee Southam)  Nov.12.1878 – Mar.19.1971  wife of James Farmer, daughter of James & Elizabeth (nee Skuce)

Coutts, Gunvor (nee Anderson)  Sep.23.1921 – Sep.12.2015  wife of William, daughter of Olaf & Kaia Medby

Coutts, James Farmer “Davidson Jim”  Nov.29.1877 – May.12.1958  husband of Etta Southam, son of William & Mary (nee Farmer)

Coutts, James McIntosh  Aug.1.1876 – Jan.8.1954  husband of Caroline Best

Coutts, Martha Jane  July.9.1872 – Mar.26.1966  unmarried, daughter of James M & Isabella (nee Haggart)

Coutts, William  Apr.20.1919 – Mar.5.1990  husband of Gunvor, son of James Farmer & Etta Southam

Coutts, William Samuel  July.14.1917 – July.14.1917  son of Samuel & Inez (nee Calder)


Deck, Lisa Marie (nee Rendall)  Feb.7.1965 – Apr.13.2011  wife of Will, daughter of Stanley & Mary (Ruth) Paulsen

Delane, male  Jan.2.1929 – Jan.3.1929  son of Dar Delane & Mary (nee Thom)

Devitt, Sidney Carl  Dec.4.1910  Nov.18.1920  son of Sidney & Jane Southam

Devitt, Jennie Jane (nee Southam)  June.28.1883 – Mar.16.1973  wife of Sidney, daughter of James & Elizabeth (nee Skuce)

Devitt, Sidney Spencer  July.4.1887 – June.16.1963  husband of Jennie Jane Southam, son of William & Eliza Junkin

Devitt, Verna Berneice  1921 – Jan.5.2004  wife of William

Devitt, William Gordon  July.6.1914 – Mar.15.1976  husband of Verna, son of Sidney & Jane Southam

Dodds, Alexander  1853 – Jan.14.1933  husband of Jane Ritchie

Dodds, Arlene Lynn (nee Peterson)  Jan.1.1964 – Apr.28.2011  wife of Glenn, daughter of Ernest & Linda

Dodds, Jane Ritchie  1855 – Feb.25.1939  wife of Alexander  daughter of John & Jane (nee Menzies)

Dodds, George L  1894 – Jan.17.1983  husband of Robena McNaughton, son of Alex and Jane Ritchie

Dodds, George Malcolm “Mac”  May.18.1924 – Dec.26.2004  husband of Lillian J. Paulsen, son of George L. & Robena McNaughton

Dodds, Ralph  1878 – Aug.6.1938  husband of Sarah Hall, son of Alex and Jane Ritchie

Dodds, Robena Isobel (nee McNaughton)  1892 – July.8.1983  wife of George L

Dormer, Zenia “Zeddie” Blanche (nee Kerney)  1884 – Dec.23.1966  wife of Wellington Dormer, daughter of William & Eliza Ann

Drummond, Cecile Eliza (nee Rowe)  1899 – Nov.7.1936  wife of Harold, daughter of Eugene & Lina, mother of Walter

Dyck, Yee  Aug.10.1879 – Oct.7.1949


Edge, Annatta Estella “Carney” (nee Irvin)  July.1.1883 – Apr.21.1963  1st wife of William Carney, 2nd- Samuel Evans, daughter of John & Ann Jane Mann (Burke)

Edge, John “Jack” Arthur  Oct.6.1922 – Apr.1.2014  husband of Mary Vogelsang, son of Samuel & Estella Irvin

Edge, Mary Helen (nee Vogelsang)  1924 – Jan.2.2004  wife of John Arthur, daughter of Rudolph & Helen

Edge, Samuel Evans  Nov.2.1883 – Feb.12.1943  husband of Estella Irvin, father of John

Elliott,        1834 – Oct.31.1918

Essery, Susanna (nee Holman)  Oct.7.1915 – 1974  wife of James, daughter of Charlie Holman


Fiske, Frederick Brandon  1908 – Oct.31.1988  husband of Mary (Betty) & Martha V. Book, son of Walter & Aggie Walker, father of Gary B.

Fiske, Mary Catherine “Betty” (nee Book)  1906 – Mar.9.1972  wife of Frederick Brandon, daughter of Albert Edgar & Katherine Isaacson

Fiske, Rodger Allan  May.15.1960 – Dec.24.1960  son of

Fleming, William Harry  1881 – Sep.27.1970

Flink, Beril Dewayne  Apr.18.1935 – July.29.1993  husband of Minka Schurer, son of Francis & Frances Webster

Flink, Bert Melvin  1910 – 1991  brother of Francis & Morris

Flink, Frances (nee Webster)  1911 – June.21.2001  wife of Francis, daughter of George & Agnes

Flink, Francis Edward  1907 – Nov.9.1996  husband of Frances Webster, brother of Bert & Morris

Forrest, Charles Harry  Aug.28.1874 – May.26.1935  husband of Sarah Gilkinson, son of Charles Proctor & Annie Badger

Forrest, Edith May  Oct.13.1913 – June.1.2005  unmarried “Aunt Edie”, daughter of Charles & Sarah

Forrest, Harold Proctor  June.19.1912 – Aug.23.1987  husband of Sarah Lillian Miller, son of Charles & Sarah Gilkinson

Forrest, John Glenn  Mar.6.1918 – Apr.18.1994  husband of Marion McLelland, son of Charles & Sarah/father of Keith & Trevor

Forrest, Sarah Lillian (nee Miller)  July.12.1912 – July.29.1983  wife of Harold, daughter of Wilfred & Charlotte

Forrest, Sarah Margaret (nee Gilkinson)  1887 – Nov.23.1930  wife of Charles, daughter of William James/Margaret Amelia Stevenson

Forrest, male  Oct.25.1940 – Oct.25.1940  son of Harold and Sarah Lillian Miller

Forster, Evelyn Eva (nee Miller)  1917 – May.17.2005  1st wife – Edwin Dagg/2nd – George Clinton, daughter of Wilfred & Charlotte Coutts

Forster, George Clinton “Mike”  Nov.25.1906 – May.24.1972  husband 1st Greta Coutts 2nd Eva Miller, son of Eleanor Shannon

Forster, Greta Mae (nee Coutts)  1910 – July.6.1965  1st wife of George Clinton (Mike), daughter of Samuel & Inez Caulder

Francis, Marion Jean (nee Dodds)  Jan.8.1929 – Jan.28.2012  wife of Rodney Lalonde, daughter of George L. & Robena McNaughton

Francis, Rodney Lalonde  Apr.16.1926 – Oct.8.2003  husband of Marion Dodds, son of Lorne & Margaret Snustead

French, Alfred Alfonzo  Aug.4.1858 – Feb.14.1933  husband of Hannah, son of Gusham Lyman & Maria Louisa  Graham

French, Donald Chester  Jun.23.1925 – May.24.1959  son of Roy Mortin & Henrietta Marie (nee Blank)

French, Hannah Rosetta “Rosa” (nee Washburn)  Apr.15.1860 – Oct.5.1948  wife of Alfred, daughter of Mr. Washburn & Mrs. (nee Swealland)

French, Lawrence Allan  Dec.5.1930 – Aug.26.1994  son of Myron & Louise Kobe

French, Louise Caroline Wilhelmina (nee Kobe)  Mar.5.1909 – Jan.4.1986  wife of Myron, mother of Lawrence Allan

French, Myron Chester  Sept.30.1893 – Nov.12.1955  husband of Louise, son of Alfred & Hannah Washburn

French, Ray Harrison  Nov.12.1888 – Jan.31.1969  son of Alfred & Hannah Washburn


Gall, Frank Adam Henry  Nov.21.1920 – Apr.7.2001  husband of Vera & Evelyn Pederson Gall (nee Hagen)

Gall, Vera Leon  1923 – Feb.24.1983  wife of Frank, mother of Tim & Trudy

Garneau, Alexander Joseph  1914 – 1998  husband of Velva Peardon

Garneau, Velva Louise (nee Peardon)  1915 – 2007  wife of Alexander, daughter of Sayde “Sarah Jane” Dodds & Wilbert

Glover, Marian Elizabeth  Dec.15.1921 – Feb.3.1922  daughter of Thomas Edward & Hazel Marian Sadler

Golling, Daniel Allan  1950 – Oct.20.1989

Gordon, Phyllis E  1926 – Dec.24.2008  wife of Charles, mother of Cindy Peardon


Hayes, female  Oct.26.1936 – Oct.26.1936  daughter of England & Elizabeth Rowley

Hayes, male  Aug.22.1938 – Aug.22.1938  son of England & Elizabeth Rowley

Heinrich, Lydia  1898 – Feb.12.1921  wife of Louis

Holder, Harriett E    – Oct.1918  unmarried school teacher, daughter of May Alice Holder

Holmlund, Blaine Adrian  July27.1930 – June.17.2006  husband of Patricia Peardon, son of Gustav “Gus” & Nellie Snustead

Hong, DarDoo  1896 – May.14.1945  son of Dar Jack & Woo Shee

Howat, Elizabeth (nee Vaughan)  1910 – Aug.4.1998  wife of Robert, daughter of Charles & Elizabeth Ellison

Howat, Robert “Bob”  1911 – Feb.3.1974  husband of Elizabeth, son of William & Isabella, brother of Flora


Jack, Ethel Patricia  Dec.1.1929 – Sept.10.1932  sister of Goldie & Ross, daughter of Samuel T. & Ethel

Jack, Everitt Richard  1891 – Nov.23.1918  husband of Ethel Gilkinson, son of Thomas & Mary Ann

Jack, Mary Ann “Annie”  1860 – Apr.23.1943  wife of Thomas

Jack, Thomas  Mar.11.1959 – Apr.18.1928  husband of Mary Ann, son of Richard & Agnes (nee Hastie)

Johnstone, Karl  July.1916 – Sep.5.1919


Kalynuk, Mabel Viola Alice (nee Swanson)  1908 – June.30.1964  wife of William

Kalynuk, William Jake “Bill”  1902 – Oct.8.1984  husband of Mabel Viola Alice Swanson

Keen, Bertha Alma (nee Forrest)  Mar.3.1915 – Aug.13.2007  wife of William, daughter of Charles & Sarah Forrest

Keen, Lily (nee Clifford)  1874 – Jan.31.1922  wife of Thomas, mother of William & Irene (nee Robertson)

Keen, Thomas  1873 – Feb.16.1964  husband of Lily Clifford, father of William & Irene (nee Robertson)

Keen, William  June.24.1911 – Apr.5.1993  husband of Bertha Alma, son of Thomas & Lily Clifford

Kelman, Alexander Laurence  1907 – Apr.10.1998  husband of J. Ruth, father of Dale

Kelman, Jeanette Ruth (nee Bush)  1912 – Mar.5.1997  wife of Alexander, daughter of Charlie & Bertha

Kerney, Barry Glenn William  Mar.1.1934 – Mar.27.1934  son of Gertrude & Isaac Lorne

Kerney, Eliza Ann  Oct.1856 – Mar.27.1935  wife of William Thomas, daughter of James & Fannie  Donnelly

Kerney, Gertrude (nee Glenn)  1895 – Mar.21.1934  wife of Isaac Lorne, mother of Barry Glenn William, daughter of William

Kerney, Lorne Isaac “Mac”  1885 – 1962  husband of Lena Edge, Gertrude Glenn, Olga Akre-son of William & Eliza

Kemp, Iva  Arminta “Minty” (nee) Kerney  Aug.7.1889 – Dec.2.1914  wife of Howard Kemp, daughter of William & Eliza

Kerney, Jean Maude  Feb.2.1923 – Feb.4.1923

Kerney, Lena  Moore (nee Edge)  Dec.28.1889 – Feb.1.1927  wife of Isaac Lorne, daughter of Robert & Elizabeth Edge Ector

Kerney, William Thomas  July.16.1857 – May.14.1924  husband of Eliza Ann

Klam, Abraham  Jan.1908 – 1916  son of George & Rachael Burkhart

Klam, George  Jan.3.1875 – July.11.1921  husband of Rachael Burkhart, son of Conrad, father of Abraham


Laird, Dorothy Martha Peardon  Sep.12.1932 – Sep.20.1932  daughter of Lester Alton & Maggie Jean (Jane) Barclay

Laird, David  Sep.12.1932 – Sep.12.1932  son of Lester Alton & Maggie Jean (Jane) Barclay

Lemcke, Alice Agnes Mildred  1904 – May.26.1972  wife of George

Lemcke, George Stanley  1901 – Jan.11.1981  husband of Alice &, son of John &

Lemcke, Hulda Pauline (nee Golling)  Oct.1.1927 – May.21.2011

Lennox, Elmore David  1932 – Sep.2.1994  son of John David & Margaret Vera

Lennox, John David  1904 – Jan.9.1962  husband of Margaret, son of Mary, father of Elmore & Anne Wakefield

Lennox, Margaret Vera (nee Hatch)  1905 – May.18.1983  wife of John, mother to Elmore & Anne Laura Wakefield

Lennox, Mary Elizabeth  1871 – Apr.18.1949

Lockerbie, Dorothy  May.11.1906 – Mar.7.1907  daughter of William H. & Rosalie Augusta Peardon

Logan, Caroline Net  1835 – 1915  wife of


MacKenzie, Donald Lionel  Mar.1.1909 – Apr.10.2001  husband of Isabel Watterston

MacKenzie, Donald Garry Kent  1937 – Nov.21.2002  husband of Barbara, son of Donald Lionel & Isabel

MacKenzie, Isabel (nee Watterston)  Aug.15.1911 – Feb.1.1979  wife of Donald Lionel

Marshall, Florence  Sep.27.1866 – Nov.13.1935  wife of William

Martens, Cornelius Benjamin “Corny”  July.1.1923 – June.12.1946  son of Jacob K. & Elizabeth Peters

McArthur, Lila Jane  1893 – June.7.1961  wife of Neil

McArthur, Neil  1891 – Feb.5.1967  husband of Lila

McCaw, Arthur John  July.21.1921 – Oct.27.1921  son of William John McCaw (son of Mary Jane McCurdy & Daniel McCaw)

McCuish, male     – 1916  labourer from Scotland

McCurdy, Jessie Stevenson (nee Muir)  1878 – Sept.8.1923  wife of William D. McCurdy, daughter of R.M. Muir &

McCurdy, W.A. (female)  1918 – May.1918  daughter of Will & Jessie Muir

McGregor, Douglas Haig  Apr.23.1921 – Apr.23.1921

McIntyre, Andrew Leechman  Apr.1.1875 – Nov.13.1944  husband of Elizabeth Kennedy, son of David Young & Janet  Leechman, father of David William

McLean, Bryan Charles  Oct.3.1949 – Dec.13.1972  husband of Sharon McLean, son of Eugene & Sylvia Hagen, father of Shannon

McLean, Eugene Leslie “Mac”  Dec.4.1919 – Mar.8.2006  husband of Sylvia Hagen, son of Charles Edward & Davidina (nee Cocher)(Ina)

McLean, Sylvia Bernice (nee Hagen)  Feb.19.1920 – Dec.30.2013  wife of Eugene (Mac), daughter of Ingvall & Hjordis Soggie

McLelland, David Livingstone  1891 – Apr.26.1961  husband of Hannah Smith

McLelland, Hannah Elizabeth (nee Smith)  1893 – July.21.1980  wife of David, daughter of Thomas Smith

McLelland, Ronald David  Mar.27.1926 – Feb.1.2014  husband of Agnes Conley, son of David & Hannah Smith, brother of Marion Forrest

McLelland, Mary Agnes (nee Conley)  July.28.1926 – May.5.2015  wife of Ronald,                 daughter of Joseph & Mary Anne, mother of Cam & Marlene

McWilliams, James Francis  1887 – July.27.1937  husband of Agnes Morrison, father of Ray (dod WWII 1944)

Melville, William Clark  July.21.1855 – Apr.15.1936  husband of Catherine Jones, son of William & Cathrine Clark, father of Catherine McGhie

Middlemiss, Alexander “Sandy”  1920 – Dec.1.2000  son of Alexander & Mary (nee Rendall)

Middlemiss, Alexander  Mar.24.1877 – Jan.1.1945  husband of Mary Harcus Rendall, son of Alexander & Annie (nee Fairburne)

Middlemiss, Charles Ross “Chub”  July.6.1936 – June.3.1989  husband of Maxine Talbot, son of Alexander & Mary (nee Rendall)

Middlemiss, Kathleen Elsie “Kay” (nee Pateman)  1921 – Aug.8.2004  wife of W. Johnnie

Middlemiss, Mary Harcus (nee Rendall)  1892 – Dec.24.1990  wife of Alexander, neice of Charles Rendall, mother of Jean Blackford

Middlemiss, Robert Ronald  1924 – Mar.25.1986  son of Alex & Mary Rendall

Middlemiss, William Johnnie  Oct.1.1918 – Aug.16.2001  husband of Kathleen Pateman, son of Alex & Mary Rendall

Miller, Adam Brandt  1854 – 1908  husband of Sophia Kreuger, son of Johannes Michael & Catherine Brandt

Miller, Charlotte Elizabeth (nee Coutts)  Sep.19.1886 – June.4.1946  wife of Wilfred, daughter of Peter & Margaret Ann Halliday

Miller, Edith Olive (nee Edmonds)  1906 – Mar.19.2003  wife of John, daughter of Gunson & Mary Margaret Wiggins

Miller, Elizabeth Maxwell “Bessie” (nee Ready)  1883 – June.27.1954  wife of Ralph, mother of Douglas Maxwell Miller

Miller, Donald Murray  Aug.24.1930 – Aug.24.1930

Miller, George  1895 – Jan.23.1986  son of John L. Miller

Miller, John Henry  1890 – Feb.20.1987  1st husband of Edith Edmonds, 2nd Edna St. Clair, son of Adam & Sophia Kreuger

Miller, Lionald M  Apr.21 – Apr.22  son of John & Edith Edmonds

Miller, Mabel Margaret  Feb.12.1916 – Dec.2.1987  unmarried, daughter of Wilfred & Charlotte Coutts

Miller, Ralph Dodds  July.5.1882 – Aug.11.1949  husband 1st Bessie Ready 2nd Margaret Morrison, son of Robert & Sarah Smith

Miller, Ronald M  Aug.21.1930 – Aug.22.1930

Miller, Sophia Lena (nee Kreuger)  1859 – Oct.28.1931  wife of Adam Brandt, daughter of Joachin Ludwig Christian Kreuger & Wilhelmina Elizabeth Dorothea (nee Reuter)

Miller, Walter  1892 – Oct.1917  brother of Lena Abrams & John Henry Miller, son of Adam & Sophia Kreuger

Miller, Wilfred Andrew  July.28.1884 – July.25.1962  husband of Charlotte Coutts, son of Robert & Sarah Smith

Monkman, George Howard  Feb.25.1870 – Feb.12.1941  brother of Wallace Sydemn, son of George & Lycinda Gowan

Monkman, Mary Catherine (nee Ellison)  Mar.9.1902 – Oct.8.1997  wife of Wallace Sydemn, daughter of Alexander & Fanny Bell

Monkman, Dalton Osler  Dec.5.1913 – Sep.14.1914  son of John Alfred & Emily Russell

Monkman, Wallace Sydemn  Jan.12.1880 – July.7.1948  husband of Mary Catherine Ellison, son of George & Lycinda Gowan

Muter, Jacob Benjamin  June.3.1877  Jan.29.1931  husband of Harriet, son of Frederick & Elizabeth Peppler, father of Watson, Jess, Lloyd


Newlove, Donna  Jan.30.1921 – Mar.10.1921

Newlove, Margaret Matilda (nee Asaph)  1863 – Apr.17.1941  wife of Thomas Cooper, daughter of John & Jane Graham

Newlove, Thomas Cooper  1853 – Sep.8.1921  husband of Margaret Asaph, father of Carl, Bob & Harold, son of Love & Bridget Bowes


Page, Elizabeth  1857 – Aug.1.1933  wife of James, mother of Percy & Robert

Page, George Albert  1888 – May.15.1966  husband of Hazel Lemcke, son of James & Elizabeth

Page, Hazel (nee Lemcke)  1897 – July.12.1977  wife of George, mother of Maxine West & Georgine Leonard

Page, James  Mar.16.1857 – May.26.1940  husband of Elizabeth, son of E. Page

Peardon, Cindy Elizabeth (nee Gordon)     – Aug.28.2013  wife of Dean, daughter of Phyllis & Charles Gordon

Peardon, Gary Ross  1957 – Mar.30.1984  son of Lyman & Fern Peardon, brother of Dean

Peardon, George Willard  1911 – Jan.23.1948  husband of Helen Frances, son of Wilbert & Sayde Dodds

Peardon, Glenda Evelyn  Nov.22.1945 – Mar.11.2014  sister of Gerald, daughter of George W & Helen Longmore

Peardon, Helen Frances (nee Longmore)  1908 – Mar.19.1949  wife of George Willard, daughter of Benjamin & Bessie Huggins

Peardon, James Stewart “Jimmy”  1931 – Mar.26.1944  brother of Stanley, son of Wilbert & Sarah (Sayde) Dodds

Peardon, Michael Kent  1955 – Aug.11.1956

Peardon, Sarah Jane “Sayde” (nee Dodds)  1888 – Aug.8.1985  wife of Wilbert, daughter of Alex & Jane Ritchie Dodds

Peardon, Stanley Arthur  1916 – Aug.22.1937  brother of Jimmy, son of Wilbert & Sayde Dodds

Peardon, Wilbert Lyman “Bert”  Sept.27.1887 – Feb.24.1980  husband of Sarah “Sayde” Dodds, father of Stanley & Jimmy, son of George & Elizabeth Harriet Holman

Peil, Frederick Martin “Freddie”  1914 – Dec.3.1996  husband of Mary Anne Podolski, son of Frederick & Mary C. Martin

Peil, Frederick  1882 – Aug.4.1971  husband of Mary C. Martin

Peil, Mary Anne (nee Podolski)  1922 – June.9.2007  wife of Frederick Martin, daughter of Stanley & Anna

Peil, Mary Cathrina (nee Martin)  1895 – May.8.1974  wife of Frederick

Pollard, Georgina E  1885 – Mar.18.1965  wife of Owen, mother of Harold & Vivian

Pollard, Margaret  (nee Davidson)  1853 – May.3.1923  wife of Peter M.

Pollard, Owen Windrum  1884 – Jan.12.1955  husband of Georgina, father of Harold & Vivian

Potts, Mary (nee Bowden)  Sept.5.1886 – Sept.19.1919  wife of George Logan Potts, sister of Reginald & Edwin Bowden

Potts, Eliza (nee Logan)  1858 – Oct.14.1920  wife of George Hart Potts, mother of Evan & Logan

Potts, Martha  1864 – Dec.15.1941

Powell, Alfred Stewart  May.1917 – Sept.23.1917  son of Alfred Allan & Janet Agnes Henderson

Pulver, Jasper B  July.21.1858 – Mar.8.1924  husband of Lillian Brooks


Redpath, George  1848 – June.23.1923  father of James George Redpath (Jim)

Reed, Gordon Brown  1916 – Jan.6.1992  husband of Linda, son of Nellie Myrtle Brown & Robert Gordon

Reed, Linda Irene “Irene” (nee Brundage)  1914 – 2010  wife of Gordon, mother of Ross Reed

Chambers, Marcia (nee Reed)  May.11.1952 – Mar.13.1995  wife of Doug Chambers, daughter of Glenn & Maud Dickey

Reed, Maud Ellen (nee Dickey)  1930 – May.12.1976  wife of Glenn

Reed, Robert Gordon  1889 – Feb.21.1967  husband of Nellie Myrtle Brown, son of John Reed, grandfather of Ross Reed

Reis, Siria Amelia “Sena” (nee Johnson)  Sept.18.1880 – Feb.24.1924  wife of John Joseph, mother of Selmer, Verna, Mervyn

Rendall, Charles  Apr.29.1872 – Oct.3.1956  husband of Christina, son of John & Isabella Patterson

Rendall, Charles Anton  1943 – Oct.30.1987  husband of Shirley Peterman, son of John & Signe Carlson

Rendall, Christina (nee Rendall)  1878 – Feb.12.1968  wife of Charles

Rendall, Emma Jensine (nee Chrestensen)  Mar.1918 – Apr.24.1987  wife of George, sister of Mac Chrestensen, daughter of Neils Christian

Rendall, George  Oct.1915 – Dec.1987  husband of Emma Jensine Chrestensen, son of Charles & Christina Rendall

Rendall, John  1913 – Jan.6.2006  husband of Signe Carlson, father of Charles Anton, brother of George

Rendall, Leonard Edward  May.1.1942 – Dec.12.1943  son of George & Emma Chrestensen

Rendall, Signe Christine (nee Carlson)  1915 – Feb.10.2003  wife of John, daughter of Anton & Martha Brevastad

Reuben, Mary (nee McGrath)  Aug.4.1919  wife of Henry, mother of Sophia Robson, Helen & Henry

Reuben, Henry     – Oct.18.1922  husband of Mary McGrath, father of Sophia Robson, Helen & Henry

Robertson, Annie  1871 – Jan.27.1952  wife of John McLeod

Robertson, Anne (nee Chomyshen)  May.22.1915 – Feb.23.2005  wife of Norman

Robertson, Irene Frances (nee Keen)  1900 – Dec.26.1984  wife of John Stewart, daughter of Thomas & Lily Keen

Robertson, John McLeod  1874 – July.9.1965  husband of Anne

Robertson, John Stewart  1896 – Dec.7.1959  husband of Irene Frances Keen, son of John McLeod & Annie

Robertson, Norman  1898 – Dec.23.1965  husband of Anne Chomyshen, son of John McLeod & Annie

Robson, John Joseph  1867 – Sep.13.1944  husband of Sarah Jane Hope, father of John Hope

Robson, Lorella Winnifred  Mar.7.1937 – Mar.11.1937

Robson, Sarah Jane (nee Hope)  Oct.18.1868 – Mar.7.1912  wife of John Joseph

Robson, Sophia Catherine (nee Reuben)  Apr.5.1898 – Apr.26.1941  wife of John Hope, daughter of Henry & Mary Reuben (nee McGrath)

Ruuth, Anselm  1893 – Mar.26.1961  husband of Mary Rasala

Ruuth, Axel  Mar.23.1924 – July.3.1999  husband of Vera Ashworth; no marker – at head of Anselm’s marker

Ruuth, Mary (nee Rasala)  1889 – Mar.25.1980  wife of Anselm, mother of Axel & Lila McArthur & Charlotte Stone

Ruuth, Vera Florence (nee Ashworth)  Apr.12.1929 – Apr.14.2008  wife of Axel, sister of Gordon Ashworth


Schaber, Dean Gorden  1972 – July.28.2003  husband of Wanda (nee Kline)

Schweitzer, female  1917 – 1917  infant

Schunaman, James Ira “J.I.”  1859 – Nov.8.1926  husband of Addie, father of James Karl & Helen Dorothy

Scott, Ada  Mar.1885 – Oct.1925  wife of George Ronald

Seltenrich, Henry George  1882 – Sep.19.1965  husband of Mary Miller, son of Edward & ______ Bradley

Seltenrich, Hilda (nee Paulsen)  Mar.22.1928 – Jan.17.2009  wife of James, daughter of Nick & Elsa Rohwedder

Seltenrich, James “Jim”  May.24.1924 – Apr.6.2009  husband of Hilda Paulsen

Seltenrich, Mary (nee Miller)  1887 – Apr.15.1979  wife of Henry, granddaughter of John L. Miller

Seltenrich, James Arthur  Aug.30.1948 – Jan.18.1949  son of James & Hilda Paulsen

Smith, Barbara (nee Baker)  Apr.12.1943 – Sept.10.2013  daughter of Clara Marie & William

Smith, George Milton  Nov.16.1902 – Apr.19.1940  husband of Veronica Victoria (Vera) Bender, son of John

Smith, Jack A     – 1917  son of John

Smith, John Henry  Apr.20.1870 – Mar.31.1918

Smith, Veronica Victoria “Vera” (nee Bender)  Oct.2.1899 – Feb.4.1999  wife of George

Socolofsky, Andrew  1857 – May.20.1936  husband of Maria Dahlinger, father of Karl, Solomon, Clara, Paul, Eva

Socolofsky, baby  1911 – 1911

Socolofsky, George  Oct.28.1894 – Dec.30.1981  nephew of Andrew

Socolofsky, Karl  1885 – Aug.24.1955, brother of Solomon, son of Andrew & Maria Dahlinger

Socolofsky, Louise McKay (nee Dodds)  Feb.3.1882 – Aug.16.1942  wife of Solomon, daughter of Alexander & Jane Dodds (nee Ritchie)

Socolofsky, Maria “Mary” (nee Dahlinger)  1866 – Jan.4.1949  wife of Andrew, daughter of Frederick &

Socolofsky, Solomon A  1884 – Sep.1.1947  husband of Laura May Groves Witherspoon & Louise Dodds , son of Andrew & Maria Dahlinger

Southam, Donald  July.9.1938 – Apr.7.1999  husband of Carol Rhodes, son of John James & Evelyn Fiske

Southam, Evelyn Elizabeth (nee Fiske)  Nov.13.1906 – Jan.13.1999  wife of John James, daughter of Walter & Aggie Walker, mother of Joy Norrish

Southam, John “Jack”  Feb.2.1935 – Jan.28.2013  husband of Lena Bachme, son of John James & Elizabeth Fiske

Southam, John James  1892 – Feb.18.1980  husband of Evelyn Fiske, brother of Jennie Jane Devitt

Stark, Gladys Mary (nee Coutts)  Nov.29.1917 – July.25.1992  wife of Stuart, daughter of James & Caroline Best

Stark, Stuart Eugene  July26.1910 – Jan.6.1982  husband of Gladys, father of James & Shelly

Stewart, Annie (nee Reid)  Nov.25.1860 – May.17.1943  wife of John, daughter of James & Mary Reid (nee Easton)

Stewart, John  1851 – Mar.25.1934  husband of Annie, father of Wilfred & Eva Agnes

Stronski, John Edward  Nov.4.1924 – May.12.1994  husband of June Veralea McLean,  son of Peter & Mary Kundia

Stronski, Peter  1894 – May.9.1958  husband of Mary Kundia, father of John

Stronski, Mary (nee Kundia)  1904 – Oct.18.1978  wife of Peter, mother of John


Thompson, Ernest  1911 – Mar.25.1933  son of Peter & Janet Milhench

Thompson, Peter  1882 – Dec.19.1941  husband of Janet Milhench, father of Ernest

Thompson, Walter Tinwell  June.25.1865 – Sept.27.1946  son of James Tinwell & Mary Ann Buck

Tomlinson, Dorothy McLeod (nee Robertson)  1920 –    wife of Renold, daughter of Stuart McLeod & Irene Keen

Tomlinson, Renold William “Tobey”  1918 – 1996  husband of Dorothy Robertson

Tremka, John  1897 – Mar.31.1966  husband of Maria “Mary”, father of Murray & Donald

Tremka, Maria “Mary”  1903 – Feb.23.1999  wife of John mother of Murray & Donald

Tunnicliffe, Denise Charlene (nee Ruuth)  1956 – Apr.28.1988  wife of __, daughter of Axel Ruuth & Vera Ashworth


Van Zandbergen, Doreen  June.5.1948 – June.5.1948  daughter of Peter & Doris (nee Coutts)

Vaughan, Charles  1860 – Aug.14.1943  husband of Elizabeth

Vaughan, Douglas Charles  Mar.23.1933 – Sep.25.2016  husband of Velma Park, son of William & Florence Lees

Vaughan, Elizabeth (nee Ellison)  1865 – Feb.2.1950  wife of Charles, sister of Sarah Ellison Wankel

Vaughan, Ernest Alfred “Twink”  1927 – Mar.7.2010  husband of Viola Chrestensen, son of William & Florence Lees

Vaughan, Florence Robina (nee Lees)  1904 – Aug.17.2002  wife of William

Vaughan, George Burns  1901 – Dec.20.1980  husband of Myrtle Willoughby, brother of Elizabeth Vaughan (Howat)

Vaughan, Myrtle Violet (nee Willoughby)  1900 – Mar.18.1952  wife of George Bickford, daughter of Elsie & Marvin “Mac” *Step-father

Vaughan, Troy Gregory  Dec.25.1987 – Jan.12.1988  son of Greg Vaughan, grandson of Doug/Velma

Vaughan, Velma Lorraine (nee Park)  Feb.18.1932 – July.16.2009  wife of Douglas

Vaughan, Viola Lois “Vye” (nee Chrestensen)  1931 – Jan.16.2009  wife of Ernest daughter of Elsie & Marvin “Mac” *step-father

Vaughan, William “Bill” Melville  1899 – Nov.9.1981  husband of Florence Lees, son of Charles & Elizabeth Ellison


Wakefield, Anne Laura (nee Lennox)  Dec.2.1928 – Dec.26.2016  wife of Lenord Edwin Wakefield, daughter of John David & Margaret Vera Hatch

Wankel, Elsie (nee Miller)  1900 – Mar.10.1928  wife of Milan Wankel, daughter of Adam & Sophia Kreuger

Wankel, Manley  1895 – Apr.23.1993  husband of Sarah

Wankel, Sarah Caroline (nee Ellison)  1904 – Aug.22.2003  wife of Manley, daughter of Alexander (Sandy) & Fanny Bell

Wold, Ole Anders Estensen  Apr.8.1875 – Mar.9.1953

Wood, Robert  June.13.1868 – May.1922  husband of Mary Book, father of Robert Jr.

Wright, Shirley Eldeen (nee Peardon)  May.7.1934 – July.21.2016  daughter of George & Helen


Zimmer, Donald  Aug.5.1933 – Aug.11.1933

Zounaruieck, male  Sep.26.1921 – Sep.26.1921  son of George & Bella Berbeniuk