>> Bylaw 3-2023 – water & sewer management bylaw Signed

>> Bylaw 2-2023 – Signed – to fix the rates to be charged for the use and consumption of water and to fix the rates to be charged by way of service charge for the use of sewer 

>> BYLAW 1-2022 – To Provide for a Planning District Agreement

>> Council Procedure Bylaw 9-2014


>> Bylaw 2-2020 Amend 1-2020 Water & Sewer Rates

>> Noise Bylaw – Village of Loreburn

>> Animal Control Bylaw No. 5-2014

>> bylaw 4 – 2014 Building Bylaw

>> Tax Incentives for New Builds

>> Bylaw #2-1998 Burning in Village Limits

>> cemetery-bylaw-4-2016

>> Bylaw #2-2017 Sale of Village Lots

>> Bylaw #2-2013 Zoning Bylaw (pdf – 20MB)

The bylaws include the text of the original bylaws and any amending bylaws.  They are provided on this page for general information only.  Every effort is made to ensure their accuracy, but in the event that they differ from the original documents held at the Village Office, the originals are to be considered as the definitive references.

Urban Municipalities, such as the Village of Loreburn, derive their powers from the Provincial Government, in particular The Municipalities Act.

For other Provincial Government Statutes, visit the Queen’s Printer.